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Hi David,
I did the lights for Joe at the Sands hotel.
Here's a photo:

Retired Geezer

I was fortunate enough to work the real Elvis Presley show in Vegas... Once.

Imagine you are there in the audience. The excitement is palpable. The houselights dim as the huge chandelier (think Phantom of the Opera), rises up to the ceiling so that it will be out of the way of the spotlight beams.
The overture, American Trilogy, starts quietly in the darkness. As it builds to a climax, I nervously lay on the stage waiting for my cue.
My job?
As the main curtain went up, I was laying on the stage with a CO2 fire extinguisher. The second curtain, (a gold lame' as I recall), was hanging over my shoulders. When the drummer started pounding his drums like crazy, my cue was to spray the CO2 out toward the audience for a cheap fog effect.


A little Science background is in order here:
1. When you spray CO2 out through the plastic nozzle, Many Electrons are liberated from the friction of the spray on the nozzle.
2. These electrons want to go somewhere.
3. Stage curtains typically have either pipe or metal chain in the bottom, to keep them straight.
4. When I had the curtain hanging over my shoulders, my neck was in real good contact with the chain.
Can you guess what happened when I blasted the Fire Extinguisher?
Fortunately my screams were drowned out by the drums.
The photo is of me and (the late) Golden Joe Baker, a heck of a nice guy. Joe did a (surprise) Comedy Elvis Impression.
Notice that I wore a tie for the picture, a 'Cacti'.

Would Elvis be proud... or maybe just annoyed at all the people tramping through his house?

Rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley's Memphis, Tennessee, mansion Graceland is set to be designated a US National Historic Landmark.

Elvis' Memphis mansion

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