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Hi David,
Wow, I am so out of the loop. Just heard that Golden Joe died almost 2 years ago. Wow, some of my favorite Boston rock memories are of GJB. I had seen GJB down at Nantasket Beach, at the old Eudemon club on the main strip. But nothing like his Boston rock shows. It was 1988, I think. GJB was opening for The Bags at Green St. Station which is where the website pics were taken, perhaps even that night. The Bags were the punk rock flavor of the era, very popular for a long stretch. Having GJB open for them was a stroke of genius. I still have a poster from that show. Joe took his cat-calls from the punks at first, just smiling and doing his songs. Not a bad singer, I thought, but damn, lose the toupee, will ya? Well, I did not have long to wait. Off came the shirt, off came the hair, and the ladies went NUTS. I'm sure he got the majority of female action that night, even as an elder statesman surrounded by young hunky punkers. He kicked everybody's ass. And everybody loved him for it. I hope that can be written about ME two years after my death. Will scan the GJB poster and Email to you.

In Honor of a True Performer Who Gave It all, Golden Joe Baker
- Doug Thoms
PIT Report Magazine, Boston 1990-1995

Doug Thoms






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