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Good Morning David,

 I kind of grew up seeing Golden Joe. We were underage to go drinking, but in those days they would let you in if you showed them just about anything like a Library Card. The only way you could get thrown out of a bar is if you were passed out on the floor or were out of money. We used to go to various bars that had bands in the New Bedford Fall River area and Golden Joe would sit in for a few songs. He always had a good voice but didn't have his act polished as yet. Talking about the early 60's. Loved his blue suede snap jack shoes, I couldn't find a pair anywhere. Left over from the 50's? Kind of lost track of Golden Joe for a few years; had to get somewhat educated and off to serve God and Country. Moved to Falmouth Cape Cod in the early 70's and low and behold; look whose doing Happy Hours. Worked a couple of summers as a bartender at the Brothers 4. Golden Joe did the Happy Hours. You haven't lived until you've seen a Golden Joe Happy Hour. After taking off his shirt and throwing his wig into the crowd, he would put on a woman's bathing cap and do a forward roll and everyone would scream Go Joe Go Joe Go Joe. When on brake Joe used to keep mostly to himself reading the racing forms. He would look like an Easter Egg with his when he donned Elvis costume. He was always friendly but didn't have much to say. He didn't have his Elvis outfit cleaned very often, He smelled like a Billy Goat. He always had a few Groupies especially a cute little young blond that worshipped the ground he walked on. Lost track of Golden Joe again, too busy making a living. Have some friends that went to Vegas not knowing he was at the Stratosphere, when he came out they screamed Golden Joe and couldn't believe what they were seeing. I got married at the Graceland Chapel 12 years ago and had no idea he was appearing out there, would have contacted him to sing at my wedding if I known. When I heard he passed on I told all my friends about info about him on the internet, we didn't find out about his passing till a couple of years later. Quick story: Saw him at the Tankard in Falmouth. During his show a big busted blond got on stage with him with a loose sweat shirt. He put his head under her sweat shirt while still singing; she raised her sweat shirt showing off her braless boobs with his bald head. With Joe between her boobs; looked like she had 3 of them. Needless to say the crowd went completely nuts. We used to make fun of Golden Joe Baker; he seemed to be an underdog in life. When I heard about how well he did in Vegas and about his death I really got choked up. The passing of Golden Joe Baker is the end of an era. Just shows you if you keep at it you can make it. I'm sure Golden Joe Baker is in Rock & Roll Heaven with all the heavy weights.


Thanks again for the autographed album.

Dick Laviolette

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