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Suffolk Downs August 21, 2005  ("Rockin"Bobby Collins, Lenny Collins, Frank Santos, David Notarangelo,& Joe Taylor)


By Jeanne Miskel



Las Vegas (Lakes, Summerlin) by David Notarangelo & Golden Joe



Viva Las Vegas 1999


1987 Del Mar & Palm Springs by David Notarangelo


1970 Charlie Quintal and talk of the town with Golden Joe


Golden Joe Last pictures (7/17/03) before he died - Charlie Quintal & Frank Santos


Golden Joe Baker Collection







The Boston Herald 01/08/87

Joe was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Golden Joe & Jay Leno


Below is Golden Joes Personal Album book he kept with him everywhere he moved too. Many pictures of Fans at Joe's shows thru out the years

1982                         1993                   

David Notarangelo, Golden Joe, Frank Santos 1982 Joe,cat, in his Las Vegas Apartment 1993 golden joe in bathroom

                                                                1976                1976                1976                   1976                 1976                      1976                1976                     1976                          1976 

       1976                       1976                                                                                                                                 1975 

jenny, joes girl friend jenny

bobby collins and joe




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