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Hi David,

I saw the website and the videos of Joe on you tube last night.  Thank you so much for putting the website together and for putting the videos on the internet.  I watched them all multiple times.  They brought smiles to my face and tears from my eyes.  I loved watching Joe perform.  I met him in the late 70's at the Surf and Turf in Salisbury Beach where he used to perform to standing room only crowds.  I used to clean the club at nights and got to know Joe.  We even used to go to the Seabrook dog track together.  I can see him now with his stogie in his mouth and the racing form in his hand.  I used to say to myself if these people at the track knew that this guy was a fabulous performer with a helluva voice who puts on a show and a half, he wouldn't be able to watch the races as they would have crowded him for sure as everybody loved Golden Joe Baker.  I was very young at the time but I remember telling several people that this guy belongs in Vegas and I wish I could be his manager because he would sell out every night.  Thanks for bringing me these memories Dave.  I believe I have some pictures of those days and when I find them I will forward them to you if you would like me to.  We miss you Joe!

Dann Nicolosi




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