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Hello David,

 My name is Roberta Saddler, and I come from South Wales (Tom Jones neck of the woods) in the United Kingdom. I am writing to you because I only just found out through one of my american friends, that joe was no longer with us. I was very, very, saddened to hear that news, because we (me, my husband and numerous friends from boston) saw him perform numerous times between 1980 and 1983, everytime we visited boston. I am a huge elvis fan and always had such a brilliant time, every time we saw him. I always went up on stage while he was singing, and had kisses and scarves from him. I have such fond memories of golden joe. We saw him at the excuse me lounge many, many, times, and also the brothers 4 lounge. Do you have a
picture you could send me. I would so appreciate it. My address is 56, Rhiw Farm Crescent, Crumlin, Newport, Gwent, South Wales, UK NP11 3BN    I can always remember us all screaming, "Go Joe, Go Joe, Go Joe"  He will be so missed. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Every visit I had to Boston, and there were lots, and lots, I always loved going to see golden joe.  

 Yours Sincerly, Roberta ( Robbie) Saddler   Hope to hear from you




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