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Hi David,

 I just did a Google search on "Golden Joe Baker" and happened upon your website.  Are you still accepting info on the late, great "Golden One"?I had the distinct pleasure of playing keyboard with the "Nuggets", Golden Joe's band (circa:1980-1982.)  The drummer and I are still great friends and often reminisce about our adventures backing up Joe.  I have lots of stories, several pieces of memorabilia from those times including ticket stubs, media ads and some (grainy but ever entertaining) video clips of Joe performing.  My prize possession would be an original full color publicity glossy of Golden Joe Baker in near-mint condition. 

Anyhow, please let me know.  I'd be happy to share any or all with you and Joes many fans.  The last time I saw Joe was in Vegas when he was in "Viva Las Vegas".  This would have been back in the mid-90's and I got to visit him offstage after the show.  He was in his usual pose... sporting a tweed cap, smoking on a stogie and looking over a racing form - God love him!  :-) 


Peter Previte

Chelmsford, MA



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