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I just want to drop a line to tell you I was a very dear friend of Joe's for many years.  I met Joe through the Bulldog days in Dorchester and "dated" him for several years.  He was the warmest, kindest most caring guy you would want to meet.  I can go into stories about him but we don't have a couple of years.  I will go through my pictures to see what I can send you.

 The last time I saw him he was visiting from Las Vegas for a week and stayed at my house.  Of course we had to go to the track a few times but that was Joe.  I worried about him then because he wasn't taking his medicine for his diabetes because he said it was too expensive.  I didn't agree with him because he put other things before his health.

 Did he still have his cat when he passed and if so what happened to it.


Jeanne Miskel from South Boston

(currently live in Troy, New York)


Was Joe sick for long?  Where is he buried? 


Oh I don't know if you know this but Joe was on Judge Brown one time.  Did you see it?  It had something to do with a costume that wasn't made in the timeframe that it was supposed to be.  Judge Brown asked who was the Elvis impersonator and Joe said himself and Judge Brown got a chuckle out of it.  It was cute.


One time Joe took me to Florida with him and I thought we were going to have fun in the sun but it turned out that he went purposely for the track.  So after a couple of days at the track, I asked to stay by the pool while he went.  The trip was a real disaster.  But to know Joe is to love him.


I went to many, many, many shows with him and had lots of fun.  He used to change words to the songs to reflect my life as he knew it.  It was flattering.


Again I will look for pictures.


Jeanne Miskel




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