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Who can forget Happy Hour on Sunday afternoons at Bulldogs in Dorchester with Golden Joe? back in the late 70's??? It started at 2pm but the line started forming around 1pm. It would go around the corner onto Savin Hill Avenue. Golden Joe would rock the house until early evening with two shows. Rockin Bobby Collins and his band was the back up for Golden Joe.

He surely could pack the house. I saw him again a few years back in Vegas and he still could rock the house. I loved how he always called me Patty...even though that wasnt my name .......

I'm sure he's up in rock n roll Heaven with his idol....

RIP JOE we miss you

Crissy McDonald a/k/a Patty

one of the "no action sisters"


P.S. have plenty of pictures will have to send them to you when i learn how to scan them.



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