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Hello David:
It's nice to talk to you again, especially about Golden Joe.
I first met Joe around 1962 when I worked at Pleasant Curtain Co. for a short time. I knew of him in the late 50s, and did see him around Fall River walking, etc., around the city. I use to see him from my dads delivery truck, when I was a grocery boy for A & P supper markets.
Joe lived in a car on the corner of Pleasant and 8th street in Fall River, behind a body shop located at that location. He was very poor. At lunch time many of us shop workers use to sit at the 3rd floor window, yelling out and requesting Elvis songs to Joe. He would have a broom stick, pretending is was a mike stand and mike, singing out many types of Elvis songs. entertaining us from the side walk down below. My opinion is that he always had a good voice from the first time I heard him. Maybe it was his humbled personality that captured our hearts, and just being himself, a wonderful person and very funny guy.
As far as Bobby Hughes, he was very popular in the Fall River area, great voice, very nice person. I'm not really sure where Joe got the name GOLDEN JOE BAKER, but properly it's true what Bobby is saying. I remember Bob Hughes performing quite a bit at the Westport VFW hall. I think Joe use to sing there once in a while with his group.
As far as photos of Joe, I have quite a few here at home from when he started, to his last days. Maybe it would be best to talk by phone, it would take to long to print all the memories of the KING (GJB). It would give me great pleasure to help you with Joe's site, he well deserves to be always remembered.
Well David,
Thanks again
Charlie Quintal





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